Why Buy An Over-The-Counter Whitening Kit?

Teeth Whitening For YOU

For people who want to whiten their teeth, but cannot justify the expense of a dental procedure or a kit bought from a dentist, there is an option which costs less and tends to be less demanding on their time. This is the option of buying a tooth-whitening kit in a pharmacy or elsewhere and going it alone by following the instructions on the packaging – but is this a wise option?

The truth is well-known: Buying a home whitening kit from a pharmacy is not going to have the same results as a procedure carried out by a dentist. Most people buying such a kit will be aware of this, as the equipment necessarily is less advanced and more generic. It is an option that best suits people who have light staining and just want to refresh their smile – in advance of a job interview or similar.

The home whitening kits available on the market range from whitening trays and strips, through toothpaste and mouthwash, to gums. The quality of results that can be expected from each of these is variable, and it is worth looking for online reviews of the kits available. Look for one that has almost blanket positive reviews.

It should be remembered that these kits will at best remove surface stain from the teeth and contain a low percentage of the effective ingredient hydrogen peroxide. Some commercially-available kits have notably unpleasant side-effects, too, so it really is essential to research your options before buying a home teeth whitening kit.