What To Eat After Getting Teeth Whitened

Teeth Whitening For YOU

People who have had their teeth whitened will often be warned to avoid foods that stain their teeth at least for the near future. The first few weeks after teeth are whitened, the teeth will be sensitive and prone to staining, and it is wise to stay away from food and drink that you know will stain the teeth. Foods that do this include dark meat, spinach and blueberries. It is a matter of finding the staining foods in your diet and replacing them – in the short term at least – with foods that are non-staining.

Commonly, the foods and drinks that are earmarked as “staining” are ones which are dark in color and to some extent “wet”. Foods that contain juices can get into the grooves which may have been left by the bleaching – this goes for drinks too, so if you want to avoid staining it is important to at least temporarily avoid black coffee and red wine. Replacing these foods and drinks may involve some trial and error, but there are some better choices around.

Instead of eating beef, you should eat chicken or pork as these are light meats. Instead of drinking red wine, change to white wine. Replace blueberries with strawberries, spinach with celery and tomatoes with cucumber. You can maintain a balanced diet and keep your newly-bleached teeth looking white for longer. You will still need to brush your teeth, keep a dental hygiene regime going and stay fit & a healthy lifestyle and weight, but the effects will be much greater if you eat the right things.