Professional teeth whitening offers several benefits over home based kits, such as:

1. Higher Safety

2. Increased Effectiveness

3. Shorter Treatment Times

Top Tip: Only allow qualified dental professionals to carry out teeth whitening on your teeth. The professionals are dentists, dental hygienists and dental therapists.

Types of Professional Teeth Whitening

There are two main types of pro .teeth whitening treatments that you can have completed at your dentist or local specialised dental clinic, which we discuss below:


Laser Whitening/Power Whitening

What is it?

Before and After Teeth Whitening Crystal Smile KitLaser/Power whitening is a procedure which should only be completed by a healthcare professional at a dental clinic. It is the most powerful treatment available and usually only requires a 1 hour session for treatment. As such, it also carries the most risk that you may develop sensitive teeth or have a reaction to the stronger chemicals used, but this is very rare.

How does it work?

The dental professional applies a gel based bleaching agent to your teeth and then uses a strong light (the laser) to increase the speed at which the chemicals on your teeth get to work. This is a more expensive but more effective treatment option compared to other methods.

How much does it cost?

Laser whitening prices range from clinic to clinic and area to area, but expect to pay anywhere between £100 and £250 per person for a 1 hour session and that is all you will need. Some people “top-up” every 1-2 years, but if you maintain your teeth well enough you should not need to do it so often.

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Tray Based Treatment

What is it?

Tray based teeth whitening treatment is similar to the home based teeth whitening kit you can get in as much as you will be doing the treatment at home. However, the difference is that you will get a custom fit mouth guard to use. This really helps in preventing overflow of the bleaching agent onto your gums and around your mouth, which is not pleasant, and also may cause blisters or other reactions.

How does it work?

The dental professional will mould the tooth guard to your teeth and then provide you with a cleaning gel to take home with you, along with appropriate instructions.

How long Does Treatment Take?

In general, the treatment will take around 2 to 4 weeks when wearing the mouth guard for 45 minutes at a time for 3-4 times a week. There are many factors which determine how many treatments you need, such as the level of staining on the teeth, how well your teeth respond to the chemicals and how white you want your smile. The dentist will be able to advise you on all of these factors at your consultation.

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For more information about tooth bleaching check out this Wikipedia page or return to the Teeth Whitening home page.

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