From Time To Time, Not All The Time

Teeth Whitening For YOU

Having your teeth whitened by a dentist is something from which people with the money and the inclination can get a lot of benefit. However, it needs to be remembered that as a treatment teeth whitening is really something that you use to put things right and then move forward, not something you can have done again and again, every time something goes wrong. There are people who seek to go for teeth whitening on a semi-regular basis rather than guarding the whiteness that comes from the initial treatment.

This is a bad idea. The fact of the matter is that the products used to whiten teeth are powerful – they need to be in order for them to work – and if they are used on a repeated basis there is a significant risk of causing irreparable damage to the teeth. Instead of relying on the treatment to fix the discoloration of your teeth, it is a much better idea to have the treatment once and then be conscientious in the cleaning and washing of your mouth so that they do not get to the point where such treatment is necessary.

If you have a heart bypass, you do not then go out and eat as much fatty food as you can lay your hands on. If you get a liver transplant, you should not immediately start drinking with a zeal unmatched by how you drank before the surgery. Although teeth whitening is not as major a treatment as the former two, the principle remains – once you’ve got the results you want, don’t throw them away because the same treatment a second time can be damaging.