Finding a local dentist who will perform professional teeth whitening is not always easy. A large proportion of NHS dentists are not equipped for undertaking high quality, professional teeth whitening jobs.

That’s why it is a good idea to use a specialist teeth whitening clinic. They are the experts when it comes to making your smile whiter. Whenever your teeth are concerned, go high quality; you only get one set in your lifetime. We want to help you find the most qualified dental practitioner in your area, who provides only 1st class services.


Manchester has seen a rise in those wanting to get their teeth whitened in recent years. As a result, thousands more people are going through the procedure each year. Manchester is home to one of the UK’s leading dental hospitals, which serves over 90,000 patients each year.

Top clinics

  • Sparkle, 82 King Street, Manchester, 07957 496 437
  • Actualize clinics, 17 St John Street,0808 189 3224
  • Kiss Dental, 13 Stanley Street, Manchester, 0161 832 9477
  • Oakley Dental, 59 Bury Old Road, Manchester, 0161 773 0111

Check out the map below to view some of the teeth whitening clinics in Manchester.

Teeth Whitening Manchester

Teeth Whitening Clinics in Manchester

We are looking for people who can give us an Actualize clinic review. If you’ve been to that clinic in Manchester, please get in touch.


Like Manchester, Liverpool has seen a boom in teeth whitening. It is certainly more socially acceptable to take more pride in your appearance, for both men and women. There are not as many teeth whitening clinics in Liverpool, but there are still a good number of options.

Teeth Whitening Liverpool

Teeth Whitening Clinics in Liverpool


Everyone in the capital seems to have shiny teeth to match their shiny shoes, especially the ladies with the expensive Gucci handbag…If you want to make a good first impression it’s important that you smile wide and bright, so if you’ve had a few too many red wines and coffees your pearly whites might no longer be looking the way they should be. A stop to your nearest teeth whitening clinic in London is what you need.

Teeth Whitening London

Teeth Whitening Clinics in London

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