Can It Work Too Well?

Teeth Whitening For YOU

Of all the concerns about the effectiveness, safety and affordability of dental treatment one that you rarely hear before the teeth whitening procedure is “Will this work too well?”. This is understandable. No-one is rushed to hospital after breaking their leg worried that the surgeons will do the job so effectively that their leg will be too good after the operation. “Good” is what we are looking for, so better is, well, better – isn’t it?

It may be so, but when it comes to teeth whitening, there are people who have had the treatment and then been shocked to see just how white their teeth now are. Jokes abound – if they switch the light off they have to close their mouths, and so on. In this case, the surgery definitely can be too effective. Quite apart from anything else, it’s like the hair dye job that aims for blonde and comes out the other side into silver. It’s worked too well, and it looks unnatural. Now everyone knows you spent money to look like that.

Take a real poll of the success and effectiveness that other people have had from their teeth-whitening treatment. Go by word of mouth, check consumer sites online and use message boards to find out which companies other people have used and what they thought of their treatment. You can never be a hundred per cent certain of the success of your treatment in advance – but you can inform yourself to a level of confidence.