Both Braun (Oral B) and Philips (Sonicare) are established brands, but there is one major difference in the way the toothbrush head oscillates/vibrates to clean the teeth. Which one is the best…? We try to answer that below…

Sonicare Diamond Toothbrush Oral B Electric Toothbrush
4.5 star rating 5 star rated toothbrush
Cleaning Modes 5 5
Travel Case Yes Yes
Rechargeable Yes Yes
Cost $$$ $$

There are a large number of electric toothbrushes available to purchase on the UK market, so which is the best one? We have hand selected the best rated, top electric brushes from Philips (Sonicare) and Oral B.

Sonicare Diamond Electric Toothbrush

Having used the Sonicare Diamond toothbrush extensively, I feel I can comment on its good and bad points. First, here are the key features of this model:

  • Easy to travel with as it charges via a USB cable
  • Charges in the case so keeps it clean, tidy and safe
  • Long battery life so you don’t have to charge it that often

Check out this video review of the Sonicare Diamond electric toothbrush that I made:

Good PointsSonicare USB Charging Electric Toothbrush

I set off on a 2 year travel adventure but still wanted to use an electric toothbrush as I find my teeth are so much cleaner as a result when compared to a manual brush. If I’m away for a couple of nights I’m happy to just use a manual one but for this length of time I wanted a proper electric toothbrush.

“it is clinically proven to remove up to 100% more plaque even in hard to reach areas and results in up to two times whiter teeth within one week when compared with a manual toothbrush.”

The fact that you can charge it via USB was the key selling point for me. I needed just one cable and I could hook it up to my laptop to charge while I was working. Very handy. It also stays in the case while it charges which is even Sonicare Diamondbetter so it’s clean and tidy.

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The battery life on it is very good. It lasts many days without a charge when you run it on the normal clean setting mode. It’s also quiet and the finish of the product is top notch, as you would expect from something that costs this much money. It’s well built, lightweight but feels good to use.

The heads are nice and fit into those hard to reach places. At first, the toothbrush defaults to being at a lower vibration level so that you can get used to it as it can make your gums tingle and feel funny if you are not used to the sensation.

Bad Points

Having used an Oral B brush for many years before this one I was not so happy with the motion of the head. With the Sonicare range it vibrates at a high frequency rather than spins. To me, it doesn’t feel as powerful as the Oral B one.

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Sonicare Diamond Toothbrush

An excellent, well designed and professionally finished product which cleans the teeth well and is perfect as a travel companion.

Advantages: Long battery life, lightweight and USB charging

Disadvantages: Brushing action is not for everyone

Oral B Pro Electric Toothbrush

I’m a big fan of the Oral B range of toothbrushes, mainly because of the way that my teeth feel after using one of their brushes. They feel so clean. Here are the key features of this electric toothbrush:

  • The head mainly rotates to clean the teeth
  • There are numerous styles of head you can get, depending on what you prefer

Oral B Pro Toothbrush SetGood Points

Oral B are very well established and have a lot of experience in making excellent products over many years. They know how to make a toothbrush that does an excellent job of cleaning your teeth.

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From experience, I have found that the level of tooth cleanliness felt from this brush is the best I have experienced. It’s far superior to manual brushing and cleans so well in those hard to reach places at the back of your mouth.

It’s quite lightweight, probably not as light as the Sonicare, but feels nice and sturdy in your hand and also has a light Oral B Pro Toothbrush
to indicate if you are pressing too hard. You can also switch up to all kinds of different heads that are out there from Braun because they have a large range of toothbrush heads.

Bad Points

When travelling it can be a bit of a pain if you are away for more than a few days and need to recharge it because the charging station is quite cumbersome and it doesn’t have a USB charging mechanism like the Sonicare one does. This is the only bad point I would make about this toothbrush.

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Oral B Pro Toothbrush

A fantastic product which delivers a superior shine to your teeth and leaves them feeling fresh, especially in all those hard to reach places.

Advantages: Well built, reliable and delivers an amazing clean

Disadvantages: Charging unit is a little cumbersome

Sonicare vs Oral B Electric Toothbrush

Having owned both of these brushes and not being associated with either of these companies, I can give an honest and independent review of them both. I’ll cut to the chase and tell you that the one I prefer is the Oral B. The main reason is to do with the way that the brushing mechanism works. I feel that it delivers a better clean and is more effective than the Sonicare toothbrush.

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I’m sure that there are people out there who will prefer the Sonicare but this is just my honest opinion. The only reason I bought the Sonicare one was because I wanted to go away for a long time and wanted the USB charging functionality of that model. I didn’t even realise that the way it worked compared to the Oral B was any different until I started using it…

Woman using Sonicare Toothbrush

Travel Electric Toothbrushes

I remember looking for the best electric toothbrushes in 2013 and wondering whether to use an Oral B or Sonicare one. I was about to go travelling and wanted to minimise the amount of chargers and cables I had lying around so I wanted a USB chargeable one. The Sonicare was the only one I could find that had USB charging so I chose that one. In terms of travelling light it definitely made a big difference.

Why Buy an Electric Toothbrush…

Our teeth take a lot of punishment from food and drink, like coffee, wine and sugar. Having a good toothbrush and dental hygiene routine will ensure you keep your teeth white and healthy. The biggest reason I have found for getting an electric toothbrush vs a manual toothbrush is the job the electric one can do on the back teeth. Those hard to reach places just don’t get cleaned properly with a manual action brushing technique. There is too little room to move the brush head around and areas get missed.

With an electric brush, you only have to get the head in that area and the rest of the work is done for you. When you first try out a powered brush for the first time you will be amazed at just how clean your teeth feel.