New Year, New You…

It’s the new year and people are making all kinds of new year’s resolutions surrounding health, wealth and well-being. I never make a resolution because if I want to make a change I make it as and when I need to, not just at one time of the year. Making constant changes is a much better idea in my opinion. Seems like weird idea to only allow yourself to make changes after a new year?

Anyway, with that in mind if you are looking to make a change now there is one thing you can do which is to whiten your teeth. Personally, I have used many products but I have to say that I recommend the Crystal Smile whitening strips if you are looking for a good change in the colour of your teeth. If you are after a more preventative approach then I would suggest a less powerful whitening toothpaste, like White glo. Check out the video review below of one satisfied customer who uses the strips:


Preventative measures are always better than having to look for a cure so remember to always take care of your dental hygiene. Brush twice a day, use a good toothbrush – I recommend an electric one – and use a mouthwash. Keep on top of everything and you’ll have a bright white smile all year round and fewer trips to the dentist.