The Essential Guide to Lipstick Colour Choice

Lipstick colour choice is a very subjective subject. Although a little off-topic from the usual over here at Teeth Whitening Review, it’s still very relevant. Having a white smile with beautiful, plump lips is key to making a good first impression that lasts.

Choosing that perfect colour of the lipstick is definitely a personal experience. There are a Girl Portrait Lipsticklot of things that you must keep in mind when choosing that perfect colour for your lips. While you would ideally want to buy something that will portray your personality well, it should also suit your complexion well and match with the dress you are wearing for an event.

Having said that, there is also no denying the fact that there are many such women who are not sure about which colour lipstick they should opt for. Most women feel, if a colour appeals to them in a cosmetic shop, it would certainly look good on them. But the reality is far from that.

Can you really wear just about any color?

Is it true that you can just wear any color? Not at all! Actually the truth is anyone can appear looking great when she uses a variety of colors for different types of dresses that she wears. Only when you can combine great looking dresses with excellent lipstick colors, your appearance will make every head turn towards you.

Indeed, it can be safely said that different people should ideally wear different colors that suit their skin tone, colour of their hair and also eyes. For instance, if you have dark hair and brown eyes with a white skin tone, you can wear all the primary shades of color lipsticks like blue, red, yellow, magenta and even olive. But if you are a blonde, and have blue eyes, you should ideally choose softer color hues like light moss, different shades of blue, and also coral.

Can the lipstick colours suit you at all ages?

Well, any colour that looks good on you while you are in your twenties and thirties might not look good on you when you grow older. When your skin loses elasticity and warmth, when your hair starts going salt and pepper, you would definitely not look the same gorgeous with your muddy green or pumpkin colored lipsticks.

Makeup matters!

The changing colors of lipstick only look good with great makeup. Thus with the passing age, if you also bring in changes to your makeup and the way you style yourself, you would look graceful for your age. For instance, when you have grey hair for your company, use coral red and the different shades of pink lipsticks along with a summery flowing mid length dress, accompany the same with a smart and feminine looking hat and you will certainly attract a lot of great compliments from the young and the old alike.

A couple of important factors that you must take help of while choosing that perfect colour of your lipstick is mentioned below:

• The skin tone

The skin tone can broadly be classified as cool and warm. It does not matter what the color of your skin is, but the undertones in the skin is what is classified as warm or cool. There are some ways of determining the tone of the skin. One such simple way is to put a gold ring on your left hand index finger and a silver ring on your right hand index finger. Now see which one looks good on your hands? If the gold one does, you have a warm skin. Similarly, if the silver one does, you have a cool skin tone.

• Colour test

Take any pink sample and orange sample of makeup. It can be anything like lipstick, or eye shadow. Now rub the pink sample on one cheek and the orange sample on the other cheek. See yourself in bright light. While one of them will look fresh and natural, the other side will look dull and flat. If pink looks good on you, you have a cool skin tone. If orange looks good on you, you have a warm skin tone.

Which color is perfect for you?

Lipsticks with color shades like brown, oranges, peach, coral, warm red, chocolate, mocha, etc look great on women with warm skin tones. Similarly, women with cool skin tones can try the lipsticks with colors like rose, red, mauve, pick, dark red etc.

You might have heard earlier that while choosing and testing a lipstick, you should rub it on your hand to see whether it suits you. Now you know the reason why it is said so. It is now evident to you that choosing that perfect color for your lips has a lot to do with your skin tone and to some extent about the rest of your makeup too. And let’s not forget that at the end of the day, the most essential and important way to choose that perfect lip color is to find that one color that makes you feel good and beautiful not only outside but from inside as well.