How to Deal with Split Ends?

Today’s post is a little off topic from the usual teeth whitening discussion but it is still relevant because in it we talk about our own personal self image, which is one important reason that people decide to whiten their teeth in the first place.

Beautiful Red HairThe results of a psychological study conducted by the Yale University have revealed that fading appearance can affect a person’s self image and personality severely and also lead to mental ill health. In other words, if you are not comfortable with your appearance and looks, you can gradually become insecure about yourself and lose your self esteem in the long run.

This is one of the major reasons why it is very important for you and any other individual to take good care of one’ self. To start with the basic health, the first thing that you have to take care of is your body organs and also the outer appearance. One of the best ways to start is by drinking lots of water and consumption of a healthy and a nutritious diet. When you have a good and a healthy life style to follow, you will see a marked difference in your overall appearance.

To start with, it is well known that for a woman, hair is not only an essential part of the body, but it is also an integral part of beauty in women. Long lustrous mane adds immense beauty to the outward look for any woman and not every woman is lucky to boast of such silky and shiny mane in life. Here are some traditional and yet fundamental tips on hair care that you can implement in your daily beauty routine in order to get those lustrous hair for yourself.

Is diet important for healthy hair?

Following a healthy diet and a routine life style will certainly give your hair a healthy glow. A healthy life style simply means healthy eating, proper exercising and of course no stress and anxiety. Only when you can diligently follow a healthy life style, will you be able to boast of a lustrous mane.

Second in the list is of course to drink several glass of water every day as it helps in washing away the toxins from the body and gives you a healthy looking skin with a naturally beautiful glow all day long. Besides, you also have to ensure that you get at least 8 hours of sleep every day.

The hair care products in the market

Although the market is full of several attractive hair care and skin care products, it is wise to avoid any such product that contains harmful chemicals and alcohol in their composition. Repeated use of various styling products on hair and skin can dry up the skin cells and the hair roots which results in dry and dull hair and skin. In case you do have to put on with some kind of styling product once in a while, make sure to avoid putting the chemicals directly to your scalp and instead apply them only on your hair. Putting the chemically active styling products on the scalp will result in blockage of the pores and lead to skin eruptions and dandruff.

What precautions should you undertake?

If you happen to be a swimmer, make sure to wet your hair with normal water before it gets wet with the chlorinated water. Always wear a head gear while swimming to avoid causing severe harm to your hair. Always clean your hair with shampoo and conditioner after a swim in order to wash away the chlorine from your hair.

After bath, try air drying your hair as using a blow dryer can damage the ends of the hair and make it dry. Instead, it is a much better idea to pat your hair with a dry towel to remove excess water and let your hair get air dried in the process. Never comb wet hair as the hair strands tend to break easily. Before combing gently untangle the hair knots with your fingers and only comb your hair when it is dry.
To avoid getting split ends in your hair, you must get it trimmed every 3 to 6 months. Split ends make your hair look untidy and also unhealthy. Not taking proper care for your hair can lead to frizzy hair, split ends, dullness and even bald patches in the scalp, not to mention hair fall at an alarming rate.

What are the causes of split ends?

Split ends in hair are one of the major concerns for most women. But are you aware of the reasons why split ends happen? Well, they are your every day habit of brushing the hair violently, or keeping your hair loose and open while working in the kitchen, or folding your wet hair into a bun just because you are in a hurry to rush to your work place. All these are the major reasons why split ends happen to your hair. And once the hair splits, the hair strands will lose the firmness and the strength and will become dull.

It is a good idea to visit the hair salon once a month and get a hair spa done to keep split ends at bay and to keep the hair happy and healthy. There are also several home remedies that you can follow at home to keep your hair healthy, like applying a mixture of egg white with milk. This will add moisture to your hair and give it a silky and shiny appearance. You can also apply a combination of vinegar and lemon to retain the moisture in your hair. Wash your hair with a mug of vinegar and water after washing your hair to give it a lustrous look.

Now that you know several remedies to deal with hair problems, follow the above mentioned hair care tips diligently and brush your hair problems away.