Good. Because I think you’ll agree when I say:

Yellow, stained teeth look disgusting!

Glad we agree on that. I have some Good news for you…

I have a safe and effective solution to whiten your teeth very easily. In 3 simple steps in fact…

  1. Choose your treatment type

  2. Review the products

  3. Buy the product and get whiter teeth

Choose an option below:

teeth whitening at homeTeeth whitening at home

Teeth whitening kits, strips, gels, toothpastes and mouthwashes from the UK. From reputable brands like Crystal Smile and Briyte.

professional teeth whiteningProfessional teeth whitening

Our guide to professional teeth whitening options that are done by a professional in a clinic.


Recommended professional clinics in your area, such as the actualize clinics in Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham.

Electric Toothbrushes Oral B vs SonicareElectric Toothbrush Reviews

The top rated, electric toothbrushes review. Sonicare vs Oral B, find out which one is the best.

The Best Teeth Whitening Kits UK

We often believe that people with bad teeth have neglected their health. Having stained, missing or crooked teeth gives a bad first impression. With an increase in the consumption of tooth staining drinks and foods, more adults are turning to products to help restore their tooth colour to its original, glowing state.

We understand that it can be time consuming and difficult to scour through all the different whitening products on the UK market so we’ve done the hard work for you. We have hand picked the best teeth whitening kits, products and clinics from 2015.

New Category Added…We’ve recently reviewed two of the best electric toothbrushes that are available in the UK at the moment. The first is the Sonicare Diamond and the second is the Oral B Pro. They are both excellent toothbrushes that help keep your teeth very clean. However, they have a very different mechanism for cleaning the teeth. Find out which is the best electric toothbrush today by reading our review page.

What should I do next…?

Most people want a home based teeth whitening, which works well because there are lots of great options out there. Strips and gels are the most popular option, closely followed by whitening toothpastes. We have various teeth whitening product reviews that you can browse through, read the details and then buy with confidence from Amazon UK.

Top 10 Dental Health Tips

We believe that maintaining white teeth is the key here. After all, prevention is better than cure so once you have your teeth looking the colour your want them, make sure they stay that way. Oral hygiene is incredibly important and you should have a daily routine. Check out this video on oral hygiene below. How many of these are you doing?

In case you missed the video…







  • #10 – Choose the right toothbrush
  • #9 – Ensure you have the right toothpaste which contains fluoride
  • #8 – Always brush twice a day, morning and night, but not more than 3 times a day or too hard. Always brush your tongue, too
  • #7 – Use dental floss every day. Waxed floss if you have narrow gaps in your teeth
  • #6 – Use all the products available, like mouthwash
  • #5 – Eat good, non sugary foods and foods which contains calcium
  • #4 – Reduce the amount of sugar you eat, such as candy that sticks to your teeth
  • #3 – Use the right habits and you will maintain white looking teeth without having to get your teeth whitened
  • #2 – Use hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash daily to whiten your teeth
  • #1 – Ensure you have regular checkups, such as every 6 months to prevent any issues from developing

Here is the latest video that I have just finished which reviews the Sonicare Diamond electric toothbrush and compares it to the Oral B Pro range. Check it out:

You can also check out what WebMD have to say on the topic.